Friday, August 7, 2009

A Hungarian Immigrant with a dream...

Grandpa Nemeth was an industrious man. He set his mind to do something, and didn't stop until he made it happen! My grandfather was also a brave man... a war veteran, a hard worker. A Hungarian who hoped and prayed for a better life in America. Grandpa worked and saved money to travel by ship from Hungary to the United States. It took him three tries until he was successful. The first two times he arrived at Ellis Island, they turned him away saying they had reached their quota of Hungarians for the week. Grandpa had only bought a one way ticket (if he were staying why would he need a return one right?) and no money to purchase another. He worked his passage fare back on the ship. Once back in the "Old Country" he worked and saved his money to try again... and again. The third time was the charm! He was allowed into the United States!

Here he met my grandmother Rose who was also a Hungarian immigrant. They married and had 3 children; two daughters and a son. Grandma & Grandpa lived in Detroit in an old section called "Del Rey" which was a popular area for Hungarians to live. Grandpa worked many jobs, including for Ford Motor Co. He was saving to raise enough money to buy an apple farm in Ypsilanti. In 1931, the year my dad Alex was born, they bought the apple orchard and began their lives as farmers. As he grew up, my father worked the farm with his parents, and eventually took over the family business after he married my mother Agnes.

My parents both work the farm as their only profession. They are dedicated, hardworking and generous people. Many of their regular customers begin to feel as they know my parents like family. That's who they are. They aren't fancy people, with fancy equipment to harvest the crops. Everything is done by my parents, some of us kids and grand kids, and when we're extra lucky the great-grand kids come to pick melons, corn and apples! Mom & dad hire a few people here and there, but mainly the bulk of the work is still done by them & family. I know they wouldn't have it any other way.

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