Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's Time!

I recently saw this quote by some obscure centuries-ago person (no doubt a millionaire) "Every Millionaire Loves a Baked Apple". Well, we are certianly not millionaires, but I guess we can all EAT like one then! And, it's time for the apples we all love to cook with again! This Saturday on the market table will be Cortlands, McIntosh, and my personal favorite ~ GALA! You know, I love this apple so much I started calling my dad's barn cat Gala. She was as sweet as one for sure.

It's also time for grapes! The other day, my kids and I went for a ride through the orchard. We turned the corner from our house and headed toward the big hill that leads to the grapes. We could SMELL them before we could even see them! I wish I could describe the smell to you. It was a combination of summer, sunshine, grass and, well... grapes! Even more I wish I could have bottled that smell for dreary winter days that are ahead of us all, or for any time I just need a pick me up. Of course I took the above picture a few weeks ago, they are all deep purple now. YUM!

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