Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's Officially Fall... ok well maybe not according to the calendar - yet!

U of M has trounced Notre Dame (GO BLUE) and apples are coming on full force! Fall is here and cider is coming in a few weeks. Time to contemplate putting away the sleeveless tops and pulling out the sweaters.

Apples that are avaliable now are:

Cortland, Ginger Gold, Paula Red, MacIntosh, Gala and a very, VERY limited supply of Honey Crisp. Folks, really, if you love the Honey Crisp... you'll love the Galas too. They are so similar and much more plentiful.

In the next week, we'll have the much anticipaed watermelons grown by my son and daughter. It may seem strange to be excited about watermelons in September, but watermelon is welcomed any time!

If you have not met Maite of Maitelattes, please check out her website. She makes incredible Dulce Le Leche which is DELICIOUS paired with our sliced apples! More importantly, Maite is a wonderful lady. Look her up at the market... she'll greet you with a smile, and maybe a hug! :)


  1. I'm having a Ginger Gold right NOW with Dulce de Leche....oh my God... yummy!!
    Dianne, keep up the great work!! Love this blog!!!

    Your family ROCKS!